Robot Ent. reveals Orcs Must Die; Gas Powered Games takes over Age of Empires Online

focalbox Robot Entertainment, the developer founded by members of the now defunct dev Ensemble Studios, has announced a new project: Orcs Must Die! Coming to "personal computers and consoles this summer," Orcs Must Die will strive to blend action and strategy. Sounding a little like a never ending Horde Mode, players will have to contend with waves of an Orc onslaught as they attempt to defend their fortress. To aid in defending their land, players can set up traps throughout the fortress to stomp out the Orc menace. The game is noted as exclusively available as a "digital download," pointing to the XBLA and PSN as probable console destinations alongside the game's PC version. BOOM video 8240 As soon as Robot announced a new title, a previous game in the company's portfolio was removed. The official site for the upcoming, free-to-play title Age of Empires Online has confirmed that developer Gas Powered Games has taken over the development from Robot Entertainment. Gas Powered Games recently released Supreme Commander 2 with publisher Square Enix.

Age of Empires Online

Presumably in an effort to knock tinfoil hats off suspicious heads, executive producer Danan Davis for Age of Empires Online wrote on the game's official blog: "This has been the plan for some time, and we're excited to share the great work GPG has been doing. In working with GPG, it’s become clear they share our long-term commitment to make this a success." Davis thanked Robot for their "amazing work" and wished them luck on their future projects; thankfully, Robot just finished announcing one. According to the Robot Entertainment website, Orcs Must Die will be playable at PAX East 2011, which runs from March 11 through March 13.