Rift Open Beta Starts, Tweet Screenshots In-Game

By Garnett Lee, Feb 15, 2011 4:30pm PST If you've been curious about the upcoming MMORPG Rift, play it this week. The open beta started today at 10am PST and runs through next Monday. That gives you the whole weekend to get in and check out the game's four character classes and dynamic encounters created by its namesake rifts. Brian took an extended look at Rift last October and found some things he liked on top of a familiar fantasy game. To get going, hit the Rift beta signup page.

If you do spend your weekend in Rift, you'll still be able to Tweet your exploits same as if you were out on the town. Built-in twitter functionality will allow players to update their status with a simple "/tweet" in chat. Screenshots can also be tweeted by using "/tweetpic". So just like that unfortunate 2am snap leaving the club, you can share the moment your group wiped on a late-night raid.

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  • i only just started playing this but i can tell you i am having a blast with it. The world events are great, the pvp is fun, and the lore is fresh (as fresh as it can be for an rpg). This game is a mash up of all the great components that make up other mmos (WaR, Aion, WoW, DAoC) . Honestly, while others are complaining that it is a lot of the same thing, i think that having a polished game with updated graphics that incorporates the best of what is already out there, is a good thing. Im tired of dishing out my money on new mmos that calls themselves "a groundbreaking mmo experience", just to fall into the "we're using you as a guinea pig because it's new!' trap. I just want an mmo that gets it right. Rift seems to be heading down that path. Will be picking it up, and if support for the game keeps up i can definitely see myself playing it as long as i played WoW (aprox3yrs)

  • So, you're about to see hundreds of comments about how this game is exactly like World of Warcraft. Yes, there are similarities, but as any educated gamer knows, WoW was basically a mash-up of previous successful MMOs to begin with. As far as Rift gameplay is concerned, it feels much more similar to Warhammer Online, though much of that could be due to the shared engine and gritty look/feel to the game.

    The overall game polish is astounding, and everyone must applaud the developers for executing such a great UI, regardless of where you believe it was derived from. The UI is as polished if not more polished than what you'd find in WoW: Cataclysm - no small feat for a game that's still in beta. Not only are all frame positions adjustable, but you can even save UI layout profiles for importing to other characters.

    Since I have limited experience so far in the open beta, I won't comment deeply on overall quests and gameplay, but I can get to the initial negatives I see. While the graphics look pretty good, the animations are absolutely horrendous. Ok, maybe not the worst I've ever seen, but it's a serious flaw in a game that looks perfectly executed initially. Creatures not only walk/move strangely, but combat animations and spellcasting leave a lot to be desired. Also, so far, the spell effects seem lacking as well. I've yet to be excited by a new spell or skill I've acquired, and I've not been very interested in knowing what anyone else was using either. Hopefully this will change as spell levels increase, but I assume the poor animations are here to stay.

    In the end, everyone wants to know if the game is a WoW killer. Of course it isn't, and as far as MMOs are concerned, there probably won't be until the next Blizzard MMO is released. In the end, you'll have to decide how bored you are with your current MMO, and how prepared you are to step into a new universe and accept change.

    Me? I like Rift. I've played World of Warcraft enough that I just can't play it anymore, no matter how much it changes in the future. I think Rift will fit in just fine until the next MMO comes up over the horizon.