Rift Open Beta Starts, Tweet Screenshots In-Game

If you've been curious about the upcoming MMORPG Rift, play it this week. The open beta started today at 10am PST and runs through next Monday. That gives you the whole weekend to get in and check out the game's four character classes and dynamic encounters created by its namesake rifts. Brian took an extended look at Rift last October and found some things he liked on top of a familiar fantasy game. To get going, hit the Rift beta signup page.


If you do spend your weekend in Rift, you'll still be able to Tweet your exploits same as if you were out on the town. Built-in twitter functionality will allow players to update their status with a simple "/tweet" in chat. Screenshots can also be tweeted by using "/tweetpic". So just like that unfortunate 2am snap leaving the club, you can share the moment your group wiped on a late-night raid.