Shack PSA: King's Bounty: The Legend 75% off Today, Steam Discounts Dawn of War Series

With all the news flooding our feed regarding the Activision Blizzard situation, we nearly forgot fill you in on a legendary limited time offer at Good Old Games and a bloody-good mid-week sale on Steam.

For an extremely limited time--as in from now until tomorrow at 10am (ET)-- GOG.com is offering its users 75% off the turn-based RPG King's Bounty: The Legend.


If more gore and war is your style, Steam has bundled and discounted the Dawn of War series for a mid-week sale. The bundle includes all previously released games in the series on Steam as well as the upcoming Dawn of War 2: Retribution expansion, complete with the Steam-exclusive "Ork Pack."

The bundle is available for $59.99 ($24.95 off). Individual titles in the series--not including Retribution--have also been discounted if you're only missing select titles in your library. Owning any one Dawn of War product on Steam will also grant users beta access to Retribution, which is happening now.