LG Claims PlayStation 3 Blu-ray Patent Infringement, Files to Block Sony Imports

Claiming that the PlayStation 3 infringes on its patents, LG Electronics has filed a complaint with the International Trade Commission to block imports of the PlayStation 3 into the United States, Cnet reports.

LG claims Sony's console violates four patents: two regarding how a Blu-ray player reproduces data from the disc, one on multiple camera angles, and one on text subtitles. LG wants the ITC to launch an investigation into the PlayStation 3, and has asked that it bar Sony from importing, marketing, or repairing PS3s in the meantime.

Interestingly, Sony filed a very similar complaint with the ITC in late December. The company claimed that LG had violated its mobile phone patents, and asked the ITC to bar LG from selling its mobile phones in the US. Litigious revenge is a funny thing.