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By Xav de Matos, Feb 08, 2011 5:00am PST According to, Super Bowl XLV was the highest rated event in the sport's history. Based on ratings data the big game tackled 111 million viewers, besting last year's game by 4.5 million sports fans.

The numbers are certainly deserved since XLV was one of the more exciting championship games I've seen in a very long time--in any sport. The outcome wasn't what I expected but it was entertaining from top to bottom.

Actually, there was a terrible bit in the middle where my television started flickering and the sound started to break apart. No matter how hard I hit my television it just wouldn't right itself and, in some spots, started to get so bad I thought my TV was going to break. But then the Black Eyed Peas got off the stage and everything was cool again.

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  • So I bought a set of Klipsch Pro-Media In-Ear buds since I've been totally fed up with my Shure SE 310's constantly breaking. I got them for half the price of the Shure's ($60 vs. $120) on Amazon.

    The first thing I noticed is the incredible bass response. I don't think I've heard bass this punchy from earbuds before. It's hard to describe how great the bass is. Unfortunately, that's really the only area where the Klipsch's have better sound. I know they are a lot cheaper, but they lack the better overall balanced sound, and the generally higher audio clarity. Honestly the SE 310's have the best overall sound of any headphones I've ever owned, but I'm on my third pair and I need to send them in to get replaced again. At least the Klipsch buds are as good at blocking out sound, as that's one aspect of the Shure's that I always really liked.