Morning Discussion

Relax! It's Friday. Kick your shoes off, tug at the uncomfortable Hawaiian shirt that you're required to wear for Hawaiian Shirt Friday and just let it all wash over you. Myself, I'm taking it easy by making a Morning Discussion post out of things that have been sent to us, or that I've been gawping at over lunch. Things like these things:

Christopher Smith sent word that the fourth episode of his "graphic novel"-style machinima series Obscurity has recently been released. The first part is here.

Irrational Games is hiring for a number of positions. Say, why don't you apply?

Far Cry 2 creative director Clint Hocking on the fascinating idea of releasing slimline games for cheap to serve as a platform, supported by a ton of varied paid content. He uses the example of Fallout 3. THQ professes to be trying a similar idea with its MX vs. ATV Alive, though certainly not to the same extent.

Why is the Writer's Guild of America Best Videogame Writing Award typically won by something wacky? Because, if you didn't already know, wackiness is afoot.

Lastly, the UK video games media have spent the past few days snickering at Games Journo Story, a short RPG about people wot do words about video games. Learn about the industry, meet a few of its notable figures and hey, why not have a little fun?

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