Darkspore Release Scheduled for March

[Update 01-31-11: EA contacted us with a correction that a Mac version of Darkspore is not currently in the works.]

A new Darkspore trailer about the hero editor feature of Maxis' squad-based action-RPG has also casually revealed its release date: March 29. It'll be hitting PC and Mac.

While loot (or 'parts,' to use the Darkspore terminology) is naturally the foundation of the action-RPG's customisation, there are also cosmetic options. The legacy of Spore is clear in the way players can customise heroes' appearances, but unfortunately this is limited to their parts and skin rather than their actual body. On the bright side, you are able to mix the stats of one part with the look of another. Huzzah!

Darkspore was initially slated to launch in February this year, when announced in July 2010. For more on the game, check out our preview of an early version.

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