Red Dead Redemption XP Challenge to Unlock Avatar and Home Awards

BOOM widget 366837 Rockstar is encouraging players to get back into the multiplayer of Red Dead Redemption with a community effort to unlock special swag. The Rockstar site details the XP challenge that will (eventually) let you dress your Avatars up in fancy old west duds.

Starting today, players can earn experience for the rewards in both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of the game. Any XP earned during matches goes toward a platform-specific tally being tracked on the Social Club. Once the bar fills, players will be able to download an Elegant Suit and Crimson Posse T-Shirt for their 360 or PS Home avatars.

Though a healthy spirit of competition among the fans is inevitable, this isn't really a race. One platform gaining the rewards won't prevent the other platform from getting theirs. That said, whoever gets to wear cowboy gear first obviously has the better system.

The multiplayer wasn't the main reason we picked it as our Game of the Year, but it helped. You could be lazy and wait for other people to unlock the outfits for you, but in the old west we reckon that'd get you shot.