PacMap Brings Pac-Man to Android GPS

BOOM widget 349242It's just an alpha version at the moment, but Destructoid has noticed that Android users can now download a curious little augmented-reality application called PacMap, which turns the phone's GPS system into a game of Pac-Man (via HBG).

As you can tell from the screenshot and the video below, the app basically transforms your current location into a level from Pac-Man, complete with pellets to gobble and pursuing ghosts. The user assumes the role of the ever-hungry, golden protagonist. The action isn't exactly what you'd call adrenaline-fueled, but that's probably a good thing. It'd be pretty embarrassing (and painful) to get hit by a truck because Blinky chased you into a busy intersection.

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Interested parties can grab the public beta over at AppBrain.