ArcaniA: Gothic 4 Expansion 'Fall of Setarrif' Announced

An expansion pack, titled Fall of Setarrif, for ArcaniA: Gothic 4 is in the pipeline, developer Spellbound Entertainment and publisher DreamCatcher announced today.

Fall of Setarrif will pack an estimated ten hours of extra content, with new quests, missions, enemies, environments and items. Plus, apparently "for the very first time in the franchise," you'll have the opportunity to play as other characters.


"This add-on gives us the opportunity to tell the story of the city Setarrif. Besides the story, which is an extension of the story of ArcaniA - Gothic 4, players will be provided with diversified regions, quests and dungeons," said lead designer André Beccu in the announcement. "Players will be able to import their Gothic 4 character and they will meet the old fellows again. But this time, we came up with something very new!"

The price and release date are still to be revealed. If you haven't played Gothic 4 yet, you can download the 1.7GB demo from your friendly neighbourhood FileShack.