Arcade Shooter 'MicroBot' Announced, Set Inside the Human Body

BOOM widget 141757 Fans of the classic sci-fi movie Fantastic Voyage or its light-hearted progeny Innerspace will be thrilled by EA's announcement of MicroBot, a downloadable arcade shooter which injects you into the human body to blast nanomachines.

Cast as the eponymous MicroBot, players will tour a body to wipe out its biotechnological infestation, visiting the veins, bones, lungs and brain. According to EA, "the rhythms and fluids of the human body create a dynamic environment that affects movement and gameplay, providing both combat advantages and additional hazards to overcome."

MicroBot will also boast unlockable upgrades and drop-in, drop-out co-op multiplayer.

Made with RoboBlitz and Star Trek DAC developer Naked Sky Entertainment, MicroBot will be released for download on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in Winter 2011.

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