PSOne RPGs Alundra and Arc the Lad Coming to PSN Classics Tomorrow

Classic PlayStation RPGs Alundra and Arc the Lad come to the PSOne Classics section of the PlayStation Network for $5.99 each tomorrow, Oct. 12. Working Designs, known for its meticulous attention to localization and lavish collector's editions, originally brought both games over from Japan. Their releases were always short runs making copies scarce and often marked up significantly by anyone willing to part with one.


To ensure they preserve everything that made the games special, Monkey Paw games, the digital importer bringing the titles to PSN, enlisted the support of former Working Designs exec Victor Ireland. Though they are not boxed re-releases, Monkey Paw says it plans to promote the games with some of the legendary swag that came with the original retail releases. Whether you score some of that or not, compared to the outrageous Ebay auctions for these games, that $6 price tag looks pretty good.