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By Xav de Matos, Oct 07, 2010 5:00am PDT Over the last few days my desktop PC has been acting up. After some troubleshooting, it's working a little better but it's still throwing a wrench into the "work machine."

The situation got me thinking that it might be time for an upgrade. My plan is to buy pieces of a new rig and put it together when I've got some free time. Until then I have to find some good PC hardware deals.

Where do you buy your computer hardware?

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  • ok, anyone want to do me a favour and help me out with some steam related thing?

    two buddies of mine want to buy l4d2 in the steam sale but the german version is like the australian version "low violence" crippled or some shit.

    anyway i got a kind shacker to gift a freind and i the us version and had him paid per paypal. the whole process was a pain in the ass and he had money on paypal which kinda blows.

    now apparently you can pay with a cash key over paysafe. i wanted to try that with a vnc/proxy like hotspotshield but it craps out whenever i get to relevant part of the purchase.

    so ong story short, anyone (a shacker that i actually know) willing to try gift the game to an email address with a paysafe number that i supply?

    ok after typing this up i have to leave for a while but i'll be back. anyone up for it pm me or reply to this thread.

    maybe its a viable option for some poor fucks in australia as well.