Microsoft Game Studios: "We Need to Step up" PC Gaming Efforts

Microsoft Games Studios' general manager Dave Luehmann has addressed criticisms of Microsoft's commitment to PC gaming in an interview with MCV, saying that "It is our job to lead the way on PC" but conceding "we need to step up."


"There's been a fair bit of criticism aimed at Microsoft that we were spending a lot of our focus on console, and we need to be putting resources behind PC as well," Luehmann said. "Other companies should look to Microsoft for leadership, but I'm not sure they do. It is our job to lead the way on PC. And in some ways we are doing that and in other ways we are not. So we need to step up."

"We are putting some real investment and big IPs behind the Windows platform," he insists, including the PC port of Fable 3 as well as recently-announced Microsoft Flight and free-to-play Age of Empires Online. "However we are not going to stop there."

While Luehmann's sentiments are welcome, it's difficult to feel reassured when one of the three games he mentioned, Fable 3, was delayed indefinitely on PC only last month. MS promised news on its release date "soon" but this has still yet to arrive.