Why Wait? Watch Nine Minutes of BioShock Infinite Gameplay, Right Now

By Xav de Matos, Sep 21, 2010 2:20pm PDT

Although the nine minute gameplay video for Irrational's second foray into the world of BioShock was set to hit tomorrow, the internet is an impatient place. Popping up all over YouTube after being launched exclusively on the Xbox Live Marketplace, we thought it would best serve the Shack Community to make the BioShock Infinite gameplay trailer available immediately. (Saving you from accidentally stumbling across hordes of awkward YouTube "vlogs.")

Of course, if you prefer to watch the video on your television, you can download it now on the Xbox 360. Otherwise, sit back and watch Irrational tear another beautifully built city apart from the inside, out.

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  • Say what you will about it....

    I am fascinated. Still, not won over.

    I remember being amazed by the opening of Bioshock, loving the atmosphere. I was thinking the next Half Life 2 had come. Then I played the game and was bored of the mechanics and the gameplay objectives. Atmosphere is so important, but if I don't have the lasting game mechanics to make it fun to play...the high praise fades away.

    The visuals in this demo video are amazing, the art style is incredible, the atmosphere felt just in this video makes me stiff in the pants. However, I will remain skeptical until I play. Hopefully the gameplay matches the quality of the atmosphere.