Report: Good Old Games Closes Its Doors [Updated]

By Xav de Matos, Sep 19, 2010 10:41am PDT [Update: 1:27 p.m.] When contacted for a comment regarding the current situation, a Good Old Games representative told Shacknews, "As the message on the site says, this doesn't mean GOG is gone :) We'll have more to share in the coming days." Conspiracy theories online point to the "shut down" as a marketing ploy from to exit its longstanding beta status.

Writing on a Polish business forum (via NeoGAF, CD's parent company--co-founder Michał Kiciński mentions a conference dated for this Wednesday along with the message (translated), "Information about this soon on (please do not panic after reading the information contained there:)." Our initial skepticism appears to be correct, as this situation looks like nothing more than a bad marketing stunt. More information expected soon.

[Original Story] If a message that has appeared on the Good Old Games website is to be believed, the DRM-free digital distributor has closed its doors. According to a suspiciously ugly message found on the website and messages on both the service's Twitter and Facebook accounts, Good Old Games will no longer continue to be the primary sales source for DRM-free PC classic titles.

The message reads:
We have recently had to give serious thought to whether we could really keep the way it is. We've debated on it for quite some time and, unfortunately, we've decided that simply cannot remain in its current form.

We're very grateful for all support we've received from all of you in the past two years. Working on was a great adventure for all of us and an unforgettable journey to the past, through the long and wonderful history of PC gaming.

This doesn't mean the idea behind is gone forever. We're closing down the service and putting this era behind us as new challenges await.

The message claims that sometime this week a solution will be "put in place" to allow gamers to re-download any content they have purchased.

Shacknews has contacted representatives at Good Old Games to learn whether the message is legitimate and, if so (and we hope it isn't), why the company decided to discontinue its service so abruptly.

[Thanks to all who sent this in.]

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  • Yeah, I don't buy this at all. While there's no direct way to get sales data about GoG, it stands to reason from their regular stream of new titles that things were going pretty well for them. I'm no businessman, but I imagine they wouldn't keep expanding and acquiring new licenses if they were sinking all along.

    It's curious that there was no forewarning of this at all. For a digital storefront whose namesake is in carrying the legacy of nostalgic titles, they likely have a huge customer base to draw support from if they needed a surge in sales. Like, say, the one we're seeing now.

  • Why are you all so uptight over this, OMG they are down I No Buyz, Hurrr Durrp. They have ALWAYS allowed you to download all your games and keep them forever, Does Steam, DD, GamersGate allow that? NO! if they go down you lose them FOREVER. has said you will have a chance to grab them all.

    Interesting to note, nothing official by way of email from long standing account holders about this so Im highly doubt full this is nothing more then PR. Ive always had a good Email communication with them on troubles and website issues. has not lost me and will not lose me, why dont you all stop being angry on the internets and wait for PC gamers interview on Thursday, or read there tweet sometime today as promised.

  • oh give it a rest guys. "worst PR stunt ever". now we all seem to be using that word, since it appeared in one post.

    chill out. maybe it is not the best way to get our attention but it is not so bad. what is so bad about it? stop freaking out, you're not 12 year old girls.

    all that we know now was said on the web-site. "gog is not going down" why the hell did you need someone to tell you that? nowhere in the article did it say that. "to allow everyone to re-download their games" so why did you start crying about not downloading your games?