No Hard Drive? No Halo: Reach Online Co-op or Firefight for You [Updated]

By Brian Leahy, Sep 15, 2010 11:00am PDT [Update 6:40pm] A Microsoft spokesperson has told Shacknews, "We are aware of the issue and are looking into it." The wording here makes it seem like the game may not be functioning as intended. Perhaps it was supposed to be able to function on flash memory, either internal to the new 4GB Xbox 360 or connected via USB. We'll keep you updated with further developments.

[Original Story] Hoping to jump online with friends for some online co-op in Halo: Reach? You'd better be equipped with an Xbox 360 hard drive. Kotaku received a user tip that online campaign and Firefight play is not possible without an Xbox 360 HDD and Shacknews has confirmed that this is indeed the case.

Also, through the course of testing various modes, Xav and I determined that it is no longer possible to watch saved films with friends as theater mode now supports just one player. Halo 3 supported multiple players in a shared theater viewing lobby.

The back of the Halo: Reach box declares that "storage requirements are subject to change," and that "some features and downloads require additional storage, hardware, and/or fees." Older titles like Battlefield: Bad Company 2 said, "hard drive recommended, and is required for some features," but newer titles like NHL 11 match the wording on Halo: Reach's box.

Though Microsoft is likely in the clear with the disclaimers printed on the box, it would have been nice to inform users that a hard drive would specifically be required for major features in the company's biggest game of 2010. Users with Arcade and Arcade S systems will need to purchase Microsoft's official HDD to play online co-op, Firefight, or use Theater mode as connected flash memory or USB-based external hard drives will not be sufficient.

Shacknews has contacted both Bungie and Microsoft for more information on this issue.

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  • Hahahahaha, imagine all those gamers now looking for those Slim hard drives that were just released a couple of weeks ago. They knew you'd need one, baby!

    Did you think you were going to save yourselves some cash for that Halo statue? Well, think again, buddy boy! Fork over $30 extra bucks for the combined total of that new Slim arcade plus the cost of a hard drive, if you can find one. At least your console's matte, right?

    Microsoft's always thinking outside the box. First, they release a console with no QA of which, more than a third failed within the first year (or two). Then they released devices with power cables that failed and caused the units to burn up (360 controller, plus several Xbox 1's did it). They used the cheapest disc drive they could find that would often fail with DDE within a year of purchase.

    They extend your warranty on only one problem while other problems are killing 360's left and right.

    THEN they do US the consumer a favor by releasing a 360 that swipes everything great about the PS3 (except the slot blu-ray drive) and has the gall to demand we pay them ANOTHER $300. Which we do in large numbers.

    Then they announce an arcade unit with a free 4gb space to lure in all the stragglers who are still not convinced by the revised "360 As It Should Always Have Been" and a revised controller that should have been included with the revised console, but wasn't so they could then MILK you for even more money by making you buy both the controller AND the play 'n charge that no one wants.

    Then they raise the price of Xbox Live, but announce a wave of sales to boost Live sales for the next two months, then milk everyone for another $10 a year. And make it so Halo Reach requires you go buy that $130 hd you didn't think you'd need after the new arcade had 4gb flash. Milking you again.

    Hahahaha, Microsoft, I tip my hat to you. It really is brilliant. You lure 'em in with the, "We're cheaper, our console's $200" and then you staple on the milking nozzle and milk 'em till they're dry and bleeding.