Shack PSA: Telltale's Adventure Game Bundle Deal Extended

BOOM widget 59412 Telltale Games has extended sales on its $19.95 Great Adventure Bundle 2010 for another week as well as shifting the goalposts on unlocking bonus games.

The bargain bundle contains the attractive The Whispered World, Jack Keane, a bumper pack of seven games from the hallowed King's Quest series and the first episode of Penny Arcade Adventures, the game based upon the web comic. You also get the warm feeling of knowing 25% of your dosh goes to charity.

Telltale had promised that its own Puzzle Agent would be added to the bundle once sales hit 5,000, followed by the second series of its episodic Sam & Max adventure game at 10,000. However, after slow sales, last week the company unlocked Puzzle Agent early and set Sam & Max's target to only 5,000.

The deal will now run until Friday, September 17.