Shack PSA: StarCraft 2 GSL Tournament has Begun

If you're looking for some StarCraft II tournament action, this is your friendly reminder that the first month-long GomTV GSL tournament has begun in Korea. If you're up for staying up late, a low-quality stream is available for free during the matches. Subscribers gain access to a high-quality stream.

After the games are played, archived VOD versions of the games are also posted. The first game of each match--best two out of three at this stage--is available for free, while subscribers will get game two and three (if needed). English commentary is provided on all videos by Nick "Tasteless" Plott and Daniel "Artosis" Stemkoski.

Several non-Korean players have qualified and are competing for the prize money. They include IdrA, TLO, Artosis, and newcomer TorcH.

One-off passes can be purchased for a single night of live broadcasting. The prices are currently discounted for the "pre-season," which includes the four monthly tournaments being held in 2010. The real seasons kick-off in 2011. A bundle for high-quality live streams and full VOD access can be purchased for $19.95, but could increase to around $50 in 2011.