Champions Online Free Trial Week Begins Today

By Alice O'Connor, Sep 01, 2010 7:22am PDT To celebrate the first anniversary of Cryptic Studios' superhero MMORPG Champions Online, a free trial week begins today for costume aficionados and the fly-curious. It'll kick off at 10am Pacific today then run until 10am Pacific on September 7.

Other festivities include a 20% discount on "nearly everything" in the micro-transaction C-Store and an in-game event promising "special prizes and unique encounters."

However, it's been a bit of a bumpy year for Champions Online. While the MMORPG passed the one million characters mark--note that this is not accounts--in October 2009, its oft-delayed Xbox 360 edition was cancelled. It also suffered the blow of design director and executive producer Bill Roper leaving Cryptic last month.

This week-long free trial is the latest attempt to drum up interest in the MMORPG, with previous efforts including a limited demo and several free weekends.

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  • I really liked Champions Online. It was a solid game, good customization and it offered a pretty large number of quests with some diversity. Combat was fun, and the public quests were entertaining enough. Global servers and instances were a HUGE plus - no creating a character on server X while your friends join Y and not being able to play. Great feature.

    It's a great game, really fun to play... for about a month.

    There were two major, MAJOR problems:
    1) City of Heroes. This game plays and feels no different than City of Heroes. There is next to no difference what-so-ever except for some UI polish and graphics improvements.. Combat is the same. Character creation is the same. Even the music in game has a similar vibe. Hell, even a lot of the attack animations almost look exactly the same.
    2) City of Heroes. All the flaws of City of Heroes were present in Champions Online. The game only offers combat. That's it. No crafting, no research... pretty much ONLY combat. Now, that's fine and all for a while, but once you get bored of your standard handful of attacks, and realize the next 20 levels of gameplay are going to be no different...