Shank Hit By Slow Cutscenes on Older Xbox 360s, Fix for Achievement Issue Coming

Klei Entertainment's recently released Shank is having a bit of a cutscene issue on older-model Xbox 360 consoles, reports the game's official site.


"The first is that it appears that older Xbox 360's have slower disc access rates, so the opening cinematic chugs, and loading between levels takes longer - when we tested this on development kits, this never came up so that took us completely by surprise, and we're looking into it. Note that the actual game experience is not affected in any way."

Other players that have unlocked the full version of the game after playing the trial version may not get credit for the game's first two achievements, as planned. A fix has already been made and precious achievements will be retroactively awarded when it goes live.

Shank is available now on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade for $15 (1200 MS Points).