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By Brian Leahy, Jul 29, 2010 5:00pm PDT Last night, I finished the StarCraft II campaign after around 12 hours of playtime and it was great. I'll be writing up the full review shortly, but I definitely like that the game was split into three pieces. Blizzard gained so much by focusing on the Terran for the full length of the game.

Now, onto multiplayer!

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  • 2 initial iPhone 4 comments from your favorite poster.
    Interestingly I haven't seen anyone else say this but I really can't wait to put this thing in a case, big time! The slightly smaller physical dimensions actually make it a tiny bit too small to type on as comfortably as a 3GS, at least initially. Also since it's now got a hard glass back on it and is smaller, it feels more brittle to me. It may well be stronger but I can't help but worry kind of thing, a case would do it good. (no free case at purchase, have to wait until I use the app to order one)
    Those aren't my only thoughts but 2 things I hadn't seen anyone else say.