Guild Wars 2 Blog Details "Ranger" Profession, New Videos Showcase Abilities

Those anticipating the upcoming free-to-play MMO Guild Wars 2 were treated to a complete breakdown of the title's "Ranger" class on the game's official blog.


Able to charm and bond with up to three pets (although only able to use one at a time), the Guild Wars 2 ranger is described as a "jack-of-all trades" that can also "master" them all. Guild Wars 2 rangers will have a multitude of pets available to them including spiders, lizards, and even sharks. Yes, sharks.

Some of the other details for the rangers will sound recognizable to fans of the original Guild Wars including summoning spirits, weapon types, some abilities and more. The official blog as detailed summary of the profession for those with the game high on their "Wanted List."

BOOM video 5749

Watch four more videos of the Guild Wars 2 Ranger in action, after the break.

BOOM video 5751

BOOM video 5750

BOOM video 5748

BOOM video 5747