Morning Discussion

By Alice O'Connor, Jul 13, 2010 5:00am PDT We won't be running on the usual news schedule this morning as I'm in the not-so-sunny seaside town of Brighton for the Develop 2010 Conference.

The first day of the conference is more focused on mobile and social development. I'll be hitting up sessions on everything from "Games as a service" and convergent gaming to and Call of Duty Zombies on iPhone, then relaying all the delicious, exciting news nuggets back to your fact-hungry faces. In the meantime, play nicely with Xav, won't you?

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  • burningeye, kow, et all - just to bring this over from last chatty as i think we can discuss some more.

    soo yeah burning eye - that picture that's circulated the internet for years's low hanging fruit for other services to pick and well it's an embarrassment that's for sure. however, i personally never served with shitbirds that fat. big guys for sure, big guys who were a little chubby sure - but they could carry a horse a few hundred meters to safety.

    it depends on the unit. from what i understand that fat fuck was some national guard fat body who probably drilled the whole one weekend a year deal and was never supervised by nco's who were worth a shit. fuck the NG, i have such a low opinion on 95% of that entire branch in the army. NG SF, NG LRS, and maybe a few infantry units aside.

    anybody that was not fit to fight was documented, trained, retrained and then pt'd some more. if they didn't make strides, they were kicked from the unit. usually to transport company or some other unit soldiers go to hide in shame. eventually probably separated. but then again this is all active army.

    kow - as for hiding (i can't tell if your maturity comment was sarcastic, i did swear a lot) the army's trash from outside eyes and your opinion that it should be open. i disagree. we handle it in house. fuck ups and the like should be handled by our own because quite frankly we don't care about the outside world's opinion. unless you're a part of it, stay out of it. this obviously isn't what i mean when it comes to things like war crimes - i just mean the stupid shit that comes with being in the military.