Magic: The Gathering - Tactics Media: Lightning Bolt!

BOOM widget 133961 A respectable round of Magic: The Gathering - Tactics E3 screenshots and a reasonable trailer go a fair way towards compensating for the atrocious trailer Sony Online Entertainment used to announce its turn-based strategy adaptation of the popular collectible card game.

Developed by the Denver studio behind Sony's EverQuest card game Legends of Norrath, Magic the Gathering recreates "the challenge, the collectability and the community of Magic," according to Sony, with "the iconic characters, spells and settings" from Wizards of the Coasts' CCG.

Sony has yet to announce a release date or pricing details for the PC and PlayStation 3 title. As there'll be a "free trial," it's likely that MtG - Tactics will use the same model as Legends of Norrath--a free basic client with microtransactions to buy extra cards.

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