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By Alice O'Connor, Jun 04, 2010 5:00am PDT Defense Grid's 99¢ two-map DLC packs are just the sort of downloadable content I like to see. I picked up the first pack last night, gave one of the maps a bash and was happy with the entertainment I received for pocket change. Tonight I'll work on the other and have a jolly good time. Marvellous.

Of course, Defense Grid is able to do this because it's split into separate, unrelated levels. With games such as Fallout 3, Borderlands or Oblivion, more expansive--and expensive--DLC makes the most sense. However, I always find it offputting to know $30 of DLC will soon be released for my brand new $40 game. I waited for Game of the Year editions before buying Oblivion and Fallout 3, and plan to do the same for Borderlands.

$10 is not a lot of money but it's past the point of a casual, impulse purchase for me.

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  • carrot-masher guy in the cubicle next to mine is thumbing his cellphone keys like a mouse scurrying along the floorboards with a nub of cheese in his mouth, txt'ing his wife undoubtedly. he'll make a perfect accountant.

    We finally upgraded to Office 2007, after having used office 2000 for about a decade. Ok so the status bar below is cool, but here's an issue I'm having, and google hasn't helped yet:

    Big spreadsheet for my boss with lots of 6-digit figures that I've used a custom formatting formula #,_);(#,) to display only the '000's, so 1,000 is displayed as 1; 23,785 is displayed as 24 (it rounds up), etc. Long story short, when a range of cells is summed in the bottommost cell, a figure of $172,689 shows up as just 173. This is what I want, and it works well. HOWEVER: I have the Sum feature in the status bar enabled, and what I want/need to do is check the actual full amount (not rounded or truncated) by manually dragging over that range of cells, and have that actual full amount be displayed in the Sum section on the status bar. Currently it's using the same custom formatting to show only in the '000's.

    TLDR: It'd be super duper if I could figure out how to lock regular ###,###.## formatting into the Sum feature of the status bar, no matter what formatting I'm using in the actual cells (assuming of course, that the cells have numbers in them and not dates or text or whatever)