First Doctor Who Adventure Game Warps Into UK for Free, on Sale Elsewhere in July

'City of the Daleks,' the first chapter in the BBC's episodic Doctor Who adventure game series is available now for free if you are in the UK, Rock, Paper, Shotgun spotted.

"If you live outside the UK, the first Adventure Game will be available to purchase in early July," the Beeb notes, promising "We will have more information shortly on release dates and where you can buy them." This decision is most probably due to the fact that the BBC is publicly funded in the UK and often licenses the worldwide rights.


Coming from Broken Sword 4 co-developer Sumo Digital with help from Broken Sword creator Charles Cecil and several of the folks behind the popular sci-fi television show, the four episodes see The Doctor and Amy facing foes including Daleks and Cybermen.

The arrival ahead of its planned June 5 launch is "an almost-final version" released for testing purposes, the BBC told MCV, and "there may be some minor tweaks coming."

Having had a bash myself, I can say it'll leave many gamers griping about shallowness and stealth sections but positively thrill their offspring with its convincing Who flavour.

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