Weekend Confirmed Episode 10

By Garnett Lee, May 28, 2010 12:00pm PDT Killzone 3 had its first showing and Garnett got to play it along with this week's guest, former 1UP Yours man on the wheels of steel Andrew Pfister from G4TV.com. Brian continues to love Red Dead Redemption while Jeff spent his week with Prince of Persia Forgotten Sands and that's only part of what's in Whatcha' Been Playin? Something new has been added before the Warning in the third segment with audience comments from last week's show. Up this time, response to the discussion of maturity in games. Brian wraps the show up on a roll with a Front Page filled with everything from the departure of two big Microsoft Entertainment division execs to rumors of a $149 price for the Xbox 360 motion sensing add-on, Natal.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 10 - 05/28/2010

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Weekend Confirmed comes in four segments to make it easy to listen to in segments or all at once. Here's the timing for this week's episode:

Whatcha' Been Playin: Start: 00:00:00 End: 00:32:22

Whatcha' Been Playin Part 2: Start: 00:33:26 End: 01:03:25

The Warning: Start: 01:04:29 End: 01:44:52

Music Break featuring Haunted Shores with "Prelude Bombfare": Start: 01:44:52 End: 01:47:49

The Front Page: Start: 01:47:49 End: 02:15:36

Music Break features Haunted Shores, a Washington D.C.-based trio composed of Mark Holcomb, Misha Mansoor, and Chris Barretto. You can catch them on MySpace, Facebook, and YouTube. They just put out a brand new split EP w/ the UK band Cyclamen called "Haunted Shores/Cyclamen", which you can order from iTunes/Amazon or the official Haunted Shores store.

Special thanks to our guest, Andrew Pfister. Catch up with him at G4TV.com.

Original music in the show by Del Rio. Get his latest single, Small Town Hero on iTunes and check out more at his Facebook page.

Watch Jeff on The Totally Rad Show. New episodes come out weekly on Tuesday.

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  • Full disclosure, I am a total slut for this game.

    'Mature' video game material. I'm sure most people on here are aware of this one, "Deadly Premonition."

    Created and designed by a Japanese game designer who goes by, SWERY. SWERY is one of many in Japan who are huge fans of David Lynch's work, especially Twin Peaks.

    With all the technical flaws caused by a dated engine, the story, and intense attention to detail causes those flaws to morph into genius.

    One example, multiple times during the game, I would react either out loud or just thinking something in reaction to a plot revelation or some outrageous visual event and a moment later someone in the game would say exactly the same thing. Not just once either. This happened repeatedly throughout the game. I can't thing of another time I have experienced game craft like this.

    But that is off point, this oddball game, created by what is likely an oddball individual, is the complete Twin Peaks story vision that was cut short on TV, viewed through the filter of a major fan from a different culture.

    An astonishingly mature story arc and surprising immersion. Having experienced it myself I understood completely when watching another web site do a recorded run of the game and hearing the guys playing it referring to the protagonist on screen as 'me.' "Get your filthy hands off me!", while being attacked by an awfully rendered zombie/ghost/ghast/....something.

    That, folks, is what immersion sounds like. Despite all the gripes from many who are frankly too young to really get Twin Peaks, it was before their time, about an ugly and dated graphics engine, the story is so mature, so well told, so full of twists that something magical happens.

    Investment. That is mature content, not sniggering titillation aimed at 13 year old boys which in any other genre would be, appropriately, defined the opposite of mature.

    And Garnett and Crew, you are a good group to 'get' Twin Peaks weirdness, please cover this game. I would love to hear your collective take on it, even if you hate it. Your dislike would still be more entertaining and insightful than the empty headed, "Dude, the graphics are ugly, and the controls suck."

    Sorry, told you I was a slut for this game.

    As a postscript, I really enjoy this podcast. I was fortunate to stumble across it the first episode and have been a subscriber ever since. I look forward to it every week. Thanks to all of you, each person's contribution adds a lot to the whole, great job.