DOOM 2, Voodoo Dice on Xbox Live Wednesday

Nerve Software's downloadable Xbox 360 rendition of id's DOOM II will be available through Xbox Live Arcade on Wednesday, May 26 alongside Exkee's action-puzzler Voodoo Dice, programming director Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb has confirmed.


No word yet on a price for DOOM II. The port includes all the levels from the original version of the sequel, plus an all-new episode crafted by the folks at Nerve Software, four-person offline split-screen multiplayer, and online multiplayer functionality.

As for Voodoo Dice, the Exkee-developed die-rolling, number matching puzzle game will sell for 800 Microsoft Points / $10. According to publisher Ubisoft, a downloadable WiiWare rendition of Voodoo Dice will follow on May 31, a PlayStation 3 edition is due on June 6, and an iPhone/iPod touch iteration is "coming soon."