Nothing Official on Final Fantasy Versus 13 for Xbox 360

Square Enix president Yoichi Wada recently mentioned that the company was "looking into" bringing the PS3-exclusive Final Fantasy Versus XIII--an action-RPG spin-off set in the Final Fantasy XIII universe--to Xbox 360 as it considers a multiplatform release.

nope Later, Wada clarified his statement via Twitter (translated by Kotaku), stating:

It seems the Internet is getting excited. Versus on the Xbox? What was said at the investors meeting was only that until the official announcement is made everything about all titles is pending.

We will have to wait for the final announcement, but it would make sense for Square Enix to be considering the Xbox 360 for additional Final Fantasy titles. First month sales in the US for Final Fantasy XIII, which was released for both the PS3 and Xbox 360 outside of Japan, showed 828,200 sold (PS3) to 493,900 sold (Xbox 360).

While console fanboys get excited about the PS3 version "beating" the Xbox 360 version, I'm sure Square Enix just cares that the Xbox 360 version put them over 1 million units sold in the US for the first month of release. Granted, many of those sales would have been made on the PS3 if it was exclusive, but going multiplatform can be beneficial.