EA: Single-Digit Percentage of Gamers Purchase New-Copy DLC; 70% Redeem Code with Purchase

On its 2010 fiscal year earnings call, Electronic Arts revealed that over 70% of purchasers of its recent titles that include free, one-time DLC codes with all new copies have redeemed the codes. This includes Mass Effect 2's Cerberus Network, Battlefield: Bad Company 2's console VIP code, and Dragon Age: Origin's The Stone Prisoner.

nope Additionally, EA is seeing a single-digit percentage of the overall player-base purchase this content instead of redeeming codes. It is unclear, however, is this is due to a small percentage of players actually purchasing these games used without codes or if many do not wish to purchase this content with a used copy.

EA has no method to determine if a gamer is hitting its servers with a new or used copy, but believes that it will be able to offer more insight into the issue after several months of running the "Online Pass" system for EA SPORTS titles, which limits online play and other connected features to new copies or those that pay $10 on the pass.