Space Strategy 'Flotilla' Drifts Onto Steam

Blendo Games' brilliant turn-based tactical adventure Flotilla has made the hyper-jump to Valve's Steam platform, discounted by 10% for the first week to a bargain $8.99.

With seven months left to live, a valiant space captain sets off on one final adventure of exploration and action. The randomly-filled galaxy creates a new adventure each time, filled with unusual encounters and delightful turn-based combat in full 3D space.


The Steam edition of Flotilla is integrated with the Friends list, letting players rate their dashing and debonair space-deeds against those of their space-pals.

To try before you buy--and you really should buy--you can grab the 57MB demo from FileShack, which offers a shortened adventure with all features intact including the split-screen co-op. Flotilla was also released on Xbox Live Indie Games in March.

Flotilla is also available on Impulse, but does not include friend-list integration.