Morning Discussion

Digital is brilliant. We might gripe and moan that our favourite game is no longer in print but thanks to the wonders of digital doohickery, when that game resurfaces it'll be identical to the one we've been lusting after.

I've been trying to track down some hardcover comic book collections lately, only to find certain volume are out of print and can only be found on eBay at exorbitant prices. Similar new collections are being printed but they'll either be softcover, or a smaller format, or collect a different number of issues, or have poorer stock, or lack certain bonus features--they're all different. Which is a nuisance. It's even worse with books.

Planescape: Torment, however, might have taken a decade to be reprinted but the game on my £20 ($30) 2009 reissue is identical to the 1999 original. Yes, it's now on DVD and comes in a flimsy case without a manual or any swish extras but the game itself is the same delightful Torment. Which is fantastic. Hooray for the future.

Let's continue to gripe and moan that our favourite classics have yet to be re-released but also celebrate just how amazing it all is. With GOG, Steam and other digital distributors continuing to mine publishers' catalogues, the gift of digital media will keep on giving. I might possibly have written all this in an attempt to ease my frustrations over System Shock 2 still being lost in a dark, dark void of unavailability.

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