Zombie Driver Gets Survival Mode, 50% Discount

By Alice O'Connor, Apr 12, 2010 10:20am PDT Zombie Driver developer EXOR Studios has added a new survival mode to its vehicular zombicide PC game in a 37MB patch available from FileShack and is celebrating the addition with a 50% discount for the next week.

The Slaughter mode involves destroying as many zombies as possible before they trash your ride, set in four new arena levels with new environmental effects including night.

The Steam edition of Zombie Driver picks up new achievements and online leaderboards, while those who purchased on other platforms will have to make do with local leaderboards and the option to post scores directly to Facebook or Twitter.

Zombie Driver will be available for a mere $5 on Direct2Drive, GamersGate, Steam and direct from EXOR for the next week, though not all had the offer active at the time of writing. You can give the 404MB demo a spin over on FileShack too.

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