Trine PC Patch Removes Copy Protection

By Alice O'Connor, Apr 09, 2010 8:00am PDT Trine developer Frozenbyte has released patch 1.06 for its delightful physics-driven action platformer on PC, available now in a 14MB download from FileShack.

The removal of copy protection from North American and European editions of Trine is chief among the patch's changes, which also include oodles of bug fixes.

Steam and Impulse editions of Trine have already been updated to version 1.06, while Russian, Polish and GamesPlanet releases will need a separate patch.

If you have yet to experience the joys of Trine, the 460MB demo is also available over on FileShack. The full changelog for patch 1.06 follows.

  • removes copy-protection from some retail versions of Trine (Europe, North America)
  • adds new resolutions to the Launcher (uncommon resolutions can still be forced by editing configoptions.txt and setting the resolution with lines screen_height_and screen_width)
  • adds support for manually configuring which input devices to use in configoptions.txt (player1_keyboard_ID, player1_mouse_ID)
  • adds Turkish language support (text), thanks to 23 Studios (Semih Sancar & Devrim Sahin)
  • fixes "Up" control to be separate from "Jump" (configurable in the Customize controllers screen)
  • fixes Windowed mode titlebar support
  • fixes mouse cursor in widescreen (aspect ratio)
  • fixes a rare crash when the player touches a falling rock as it breaks
  • fixes a rare crash when a water splash effect is played while the player exits to menus
  • fixes a rare bug that occurred when the player switched characters and died simultaneously
  • fixes final boss animations sometimes not working properly (Tower of Sarek)
  • fixes a co-op respawn bug with the last checkpoint (Tower of Sarek)
  • fixes a collision issue in the Iron Forge level (caused the Thief to take damage from lava)
  • fixes several oxygen gauge bugs
  • fixes autoaim bugs in Tower of Sarek
  • fixes the Boots item to work properly (reduces spike/goo damage)
  • fixes random failure of overwriting save slots in the New Game menu
  • fixes incorrect behavior with menu select confirms when using a gamepad
  • fixes menu behavior during fade outs
  • fixes Credits section names again
  • note: a check for Radeon 5000 Series (5400-5900) for Vista/Windows 7 has been added to disable high quality videos that cause random crashes with these systems; this check can be disabled with the option "force_high_quality_video = 1" in configoptions.txt (which may be useful if e.g. new graphics drivers fix the problem eventually).

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  • Yes if you havent bought it yet, you should.
    This game was really worth the money it cost to buy.
    Furthermore the devs are actively supporting the users, helping with bugs and fixing them. Just look in the steam forums..
    And now they even removed the copy protection.
    Really nice company, i hope the users will show them the love they deserve :)

    Looking forward to buying a new game from them, the past 2 have been great (even though i did pirate their first game ;)
    Im a pirate that can be converted to buy stuff, since i love to support companys who actually care about their customers, unlike fools like ubisoft who are actively destroying their current and future customer base with their drm shit.