NCSoft Trademarks City of Heroes 2 in United States

Superannuation spotted two trademarks for "City of Heroes 2" filed on April 1 by Korean publisher NCSoft.

nope The first games, City of Heroes and City of Villains, were originally developed by Cryptic Studios before NCSoft purchased the rights to both intellectual properties and given to NCSoft-owned Paragon Studios. Cryptic was eventually acquired by Atari and went on to develop Champions Online and the recently released Star Trek Online for the publisher.

Not much is known about City of Heroes 2, but it is a safe assumption that development will be handled by Paragon Studios if such a game exists; it probably does.

One of the trademarks is for "computer game software; interactive multimedia computer game programs; downloadable electronic publications in the nature of newsletters and magazines featuring role-playing," which is what one might expect.

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