Mass Effect 2 Trailer Shows 'Kasumi Goto' DLC

By Alice O'Connor, Apr 05, 2010 5:40am PDT With Kasumi Goto joining Shepard's crew tomorrow in Mass Effect 2 downloadable content, BioWare has released a new trailer showing off the mysterious thief herself.

'Kasumi - Stolen Memory' will see Shepard joining Goto in a grand heist to earn her loyalty by stealing a data recorder from a high-security vault, as our Garnett has already seen. The DLC will be released on April 6, priced at $7 (560 Microsoft Points).

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  • This just doesn't seem very compelling.

    Especially if any other BioWare DLC is an indication of how long and what the quality is like. It seems for all the polish, tweaking, and well, more polish, goes into the "core" game and the "DLC-which-is-just-from-the-core-game-but-packaged-seperately-in-the-same-box" their actual post-release DLC tends to suck balls.

    Return to Ostagar was pretty awful, the Mass Effect 1 DLCs blew, and... and... that just doesn't instill much confidence. I guess there's obviously no way to expand on the post-story of ME2 but man, if there's one game I'd hold up as a shining example of 'NOT EVERY GAME NEEDS DLC' it's Mass Effect 2.