Ask Me About Super Street Fighter 4

By Brian Leahy, Mar 23, 2010 3:15pm PDT I've covered Super Street Fighter IV a lot at this point. I've lost track of what is new to you, the reader. With this in mind, I ask you, "What do you want to know?"

Leave your questions in the comments section and I will do my best to answer them. When applicable, I will boot up the preview build nd try to confirm any questions you have about things like frame or damage data, combos, and more (so keep checking back).

The only things I cannot talk about are the new costumes for Super and the game's achievements or trophies.

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  • Do Guy, Adon & Cody look like they are able to be competitive/have the tools necessary to deal with the rest of the cast?

    Is Vega Roll faster so you can actually combo MP/HP version? Did he get an real reversal scarlett terror like he had in previous games at least EX? Does Vega's U1 really hit on the way up? Is his U2 comboable after his df+HK?

    Does Rose's reflect have more active frames? Did they fix Ex soul spiral to be an real reversal?

    What are some of the improvements Guile, Fei Long, Cammy, Gen got this time around?
    For Guile: faster/better priority on his pokes & and normal flash kick for reversal?
    For Fei Long: faster/landable tenshin grab this time around & better U1?
    For Cammy: better cannon drill & U1?
    For Gen: chains and does he even have a reversal now?

  • My questions are Vega oriented:

    - First and most importantly, does Scarlet Terror now have invincibility frames?

    The rest of the questions below are just candy. I'm really only interested in the Scarlet Terror question:

    - Do Izuna drops have larger windows for grabs?
    - Do whiffed Walldives have quicker recovery? Do blocked Barcelona attacks have quicker recovery?
    - Does Bloody High Claw launch the opponent into the air (do the command but finish with an Up-Towards motion instead)
    - Does Bloody High Claw have invincibility on the way to either wall (can it be used as reversal or can Vega be smacked out of it?)
    - Can you juggle with Bloody High Claw if you hit your opponent with an anti-air Scarlet Terror?
    - Does EX-Sky High Claw pass through the opponent on hit or stop in front?
    - Can EX-Sky High Claw still the opponent up if the opponent is blocking (jumps to the wall behind the opponent)?
    - Are Sky High Claw attacks still punishable on hit?
    - Have Rolling Crystal Flash start-ups been reduced?
    - Does EX-Rolling Crystal Flash do anything more special than just passing under fireballs? Does it at least move faster than a Fierce Punch version?

    Answer any questions would be fantastic. I don't expect all to be answered, but a few would be nice. Again I must stress that my most valued question has to do with invincibility frames on Scarlet Terror. If any question can be answered I'd like it to be that one.