Morning Discussion

After twelve days, six engineer visits and countless hours on the phone to British Telecom, my ADSL at long last seems to be fixed. I've thought that before, mind. Still, while I'm online I will be sure to check out the co-op in Sol Survivor.

I enjoyed Warcraft III's millions of custom tower defenses an immense amount and Sol Survivor is the first commercial TD I've played that learns from the archetypes. You're offered a choice of 'executive officers' with their own towers and support powers--active, targeted abilities from lowly orbital lasers to nukes--so it's not simply "plonk towers down; watch." I look forward to trying the co-op and competitive multiplayer.

Shatter is also fun. I haven't played that as much. Fun though.

Hey, it's Saint Patrick's Day! Time for degenerate American frauds to pretend they're Irish, get ratted and yell "WHOOOOO YEAH BRO!" You sicken me.

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