Evening Reading: Capcom Fight Clubs

My favorite event at any show is the inevitable Fight Club held by Capcom to show off Super Street Fighter IV (and other titles). There's great food, free drinks, and Street Fighter. Now, the quality of player isn't too high at these events unless they are open to the community (I got destroyed at CES 2010), but it's always fun to see friends and talk SF.

Last night, Capcom finally revealed Hakan. Long-rumored, he was the final character in the set of 10 new brawlers for Super. I'm really surprised no images leaked, but wow. He is ridiculous, hilarious, and well-oiled. He's a lot of fun and tricky, much like El Fuerte.

This morning, I was caught playing the iPhone version of Street Fighter IV in line at Starbucks by SFIV producer Yoshinori Ono, who had stepped into line behind me. We shared a laugh and he thanked me for purchasing the game. I thanked him for making SF4. Only a few hours earlier, I had interviewed him at the event, which I'll be posting some time next week.

I also tried to get Seth Killian to admit that Capcom is working on new PSN and XBLA re-releases for games like Street Fighter III 3rd Strike and more. He wouldn't budge. The man is a rock. Dudley is awesome, by the way.

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