Razer and Sixense Release 'Ultra-Precise Motion Controller' SDK and FPS Utility Library on Steam

A couple of new developer-centric tools facilitating the integration of the bluntly-named "Ultra-Precise Motion Controller" were released today via Steam, Valve Software's digital distribution service. Created by PC gaming peripheral-maker Razer and technology developer Sixense, the tools mark the latest endeavor born from the multi-year partnership between the three companies, which was announced back in January.


Revealed today at this year's Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, the "Ultra-Precise Motion Controller" Software Development Kit and the First-Person-Shooter Utility Library will reportedly enable developers to "effortlessly create a totally immersive gaming experience that takes advantage of a full six degrees of motion with ease," without requiring much knowledge of the controller's inner workings.

New games aren't the only candidates for enhancement, as the FPS Utility Library will also allow older games to be easily "updated" with support for the peripheral.

"With Valve's support," explained Sixense CTO, Jeff Bellinghausen, "we were able to fully integrate the SDK with our FPS Utility Library into Left 4 Dead 2 in less than two weeks." That said, it's unclear if this sort of time frame for motion-control integration is representative of the rule, or more of an exception.

Developers interested in downloading the SDK can do so from the "Tools" tab in the Steam interface. Pricing and availability for the controller itself have yet to be detailed.