Portal 2 Officially Announced (Updated)

By Chris Faylor, Mar 05, 2010 9:37am PST Following mysterious updates to the original game and various teases, Valve Software has now officially announced the existence of Portal 2 through Game Informer.

Few other details on the puzzle-shooter sequel were revealed, though Game Informer notes that it is "a stand-alone, full-price retail release" with "new gameplay mechanics, storyline, and some surprising new twists."

Update: Portal 2 will hit "this coming holiday season," according to maker Valve.

Update 2: The Aperture Science BBS has been updated with the phrases "Cooperative Trial Completed" and "You will be contacted when the live first phase of the Cooperative Testing Initiative is ready to accept applicants," implying Portal 2 may sport co-op.

Update 3: PC and Xbox 360 pre-orders for Portal 2 are now open at GameStop, with the retailer specifically noting the inclusion of "single and multiplayer co-op modes. "

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  • I wish Valve's retail games would start shipping in default offline mode, ready to play out of the box. I understand the need to authenticate, but mandating the need to go online in order to go offline still strikes me as a missed opportunity. If I could go online willy nilly, why wouldn't I just use Steam and buy the game? Retail sales and Steam sales appeal to two different demographics, so why require them both to stand in the same line to enjoy the same experience?

    I'm a big fan of retail games without online activation or a persistant internet connection to play. Require me to enter a code, call a telephone number or experience a more limited version of the game, just don't not run the software!