Dawn of War 2: Chaos Rising Expansion Gone Gold, Pre-Order Bonuses Detailed

BOOM widget 89042Relic's standalone strategy expansion Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II - Chaos Rising (PC) is off to manufacturing and will indeed meet the projected release dates of March 11 (North America) and March 12 (Europe), publisher THQ has confirmed.

Playable with or without a copy of the original Dawn of War II (PC), the $29.99 expansion packs a new fifteen-mission single-player campaign, a higher level cap (from 20 to 30), new items, new units, new multiplayer maps, and a new playable army: the Chaos Space Marines.

In addition, THQ has pulled back the curtain on the game's pre-order bonuses. Those that pre-order from Steam, Best Buy, GameStop, GameTap or Metaboli net a free copy of open-world gangbuster sim Saints Row 2 PC, while those that pre-order from THQ.com get both Saints Row 2 PC and a "Librarian Wargear Pack" for Dawn of War II.

And for those interested, there's a hour-long gameplay video hosted over on Xfire.