Morning Discussion

As a video games fan, I always enjoyed the rush of news that accompanies events such as yesterday's X10. As a video games media-ish person however who plays a part in disseminating the deluge, I somewhat want to crawl back into bed and pretend it's Saturday. Though there was some nice stuff, and stuff.

If you find your thumbs a little idle this weekend then rejoice, for Idle Thumbs has returned. The traitorous Nick Bredon has of course abandoned them too but Steve 'Hot Scoops' Gaynor will be joining former Shacknews virtuoso Chris Remo and Jackie 'Video Games' Rodkins permanently to replace the Tunnel Commander. Good times.

Though if you're in the Laaandan area, you can also put your thumbs to good use flicking through comics, zines and book arts at the Alternative Press Festival 2010.

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