Aliens vs. Predator PC Demo Released Early, Console Demos Coming Thursday (Updated)

By Chris Faylor, Feb 03, 2010 4:38pm PST Update: Scratch waiting till tomorrow, the PC demo is now available on Steam.

Grab it now and play all night before Steam's content download and matchmaking servers go offline for a few hours on Thursday.

Original: A multiplayer demo of Aliens vs. Predator will hit PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 tomorrow, publisher SEGA has confirmed. The February 4-due demo--downloadable via Steam, Xbox Live and PlayStation Network--lets players tackle the Refinery map in Deathmatch.

All three species--Colonial Marine, Predator and Alien--will be playable.

The announcement was accompanied by a handful of new screenshots and yet another multiplayer trailer, this one showcasing the shooter's Infestation mode:

Developed by Rebellion and packing single-player campaigns for each species in addition to seven multiplayer modes, Aliens vs. Predator hits North America on February 16 and Europe come February 19, with the PC release requiring a Steam install.

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  • Admittedly I only played around 10 matches, but this i several steps below AvP 2000, IMO. I think the graphics are fine and the game runs well (except it will only display native res @ 24Hz -wtf). It's not ass, but it ain't tits, either. Movement felt really weird. You barely tap the keyboard and you'll move forward 10 steps - when you do the same thing again, it might not even move. It did this even in the matches I hosted and every time I fired the rifle, the screen went solid purple. The microphone shit is also annoying as hell. Other game modes may fair better, but for me, it gonna be a wait and see approach. More than likely I'll wait for a Steam sale. Real disappointing considering how bad-ass AvP 2000 was.