Morning Discussion: New Year's Eve Edition

By Alice O'Connor, Dec 31, 2009 5:00am PST Today is the day you can feel absolutely fantastic about the past year and be determined to continue that high into 2010. Alternatively, feel absolutely wrecked and broken by 2009 and make a resolution to somehow drag yourself out of the mire by your nails. I don't believe any other option is permitted, for some reason.

You'll probably drink alcohol tonight and deserve everything you get the next morning, so don't even think about complaining. Besides, it only serves to distract you from the real entertainment--arguing over whether today is the end of the decade or merely a decade.

The news desk is unpersoned today and tomorrow but we'll have a few little features to make up for our shameful absence. Have fun, Internet. We'll see you in the future!

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  • So I just restarted Dragon's Age with a rogue on normal difficulty. I have two rants...

    First let me say my "main" character is most of the way through the first part of the game (treaties and such) as a Arcane Warrior. That was really fun at first, but I feel kinda like an invincible auto attack bot when in the full combat magic mode. I realize I can hop back into normal mage mode but I felt like I wasn't sure what kind of class it was supposed to be.

    RANT #1 - I restarted as a human rogue, attempting to do ranged talents using some of the community mods. Namely the bow and combat tweaks. At first it seemed really good. Around level 5 everything just levels off and it doesn't seem like the character is really contributing much. The archer debuffs are not all that great and seem to have little impact on the actual success of the team. Adding bard talents didnt seem to make much difference early on either (not surprising). After reading around a bit it seems like no-tweak longbows + lethality are the only way to really do archers. Sadly this all starts at level 8 and that seems like way too long to expect decent offense out of a ranged character. Even then most of your power comes from cunning (via lethality). You still have to keep dex up for talent purposes. In effect you're still gimped until you get dex to level 30 or so and can pump everything into cunning. -- My point is that ranged is gimped even if you use the bow tweaks. Whoever designed that aspect of the game needs to be demoted.

    So I used a respec mod (thx raven) to go back to a melee rogue. Much better -- I may try ranged again later.

    RANT #2 - Holy crap the party member AI is complete rubbish when there are traps around. I just was fighting Jarvia where there are many traps around and the amount of micromanaging I had to do was crazy. Basically shale and alistair would make a beeline to the boss (surrounded by traps, of course). No less than five times I had to very quickly pause and re-route them. Depending on when they decided to pull this strategic crapfest, i couldn't get there quickly enough because they were already so close to the trap. My rogue had already spotted _all_ of these but I couldn't get away from being attacked long enough to disarm. If everyone can see a trap, why in the hell would the AI run right into it, not once but multiple times? WTF. It sucks. At least once shale almost took out the whole team by running into a trap when one was near a choke point. WTB AI TRAP AVOIDANCE MODULE.