Morning Discussion: New Year's Eve Edition

By Alice O'Connor, Dec 31, 2009 5:00am PST Today is the day you can feel absolutely fantastic about the past year and be determined to continue that high into 2010. Alternatively, feel absolutely wrecked and broken by 2009 and make a resolution to somehow drag yourself out of the mire by your nails. I don't believe any other option is permitted, for some reason.

You'll probably drink alcohol tonight and deserve everything you get the next morning, so don't even think about complaining. Besides, it only serves to distract you from the real entertainment--arguing over whether today is the end of the decade or merely a decade.

The news desk is unpersoned today and tomorrow but we'll have a few little features to make up for our shameful absence. Have fun, Internet. We'll see you in the future!

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  • League of Legends men...
    So one of my e-friends went out and payed for all the packs in LOL and he's begged me to play it with him so i've been playing last couple days and the game has lots of polish now
    any other shackers play? add me Soysoysoy

    Taking a break from hon to many retards recently.

    Also wtf is wrong with Riot games Installer = 300mb then 2x 200mb patches in Bitorrent format, ala blizzard downloader fuck them.

    So you check their forums they make a full stand alone installer.. BUT IT ONLY works with that version so if a patch comes out you cant patch it you have to full download again. Wtf do they have shitty programmers?