Champions Online Demo Launches

By Alice O'Connor, Dec 22, 2009 7:00am PST Cryptic Studios has launched the free level-limited demo for its superhero MMORPG Champions Online, available for download now through Steam.

While there is no time limit, demo players have a level cap of fifteen and are restricted to the 'Millennium City crisis' missions. You can play with the character creator forever--surely one of the most exciting parts of any MMO--but are limited to two slots.

Cryptic has previously used several free-to-play weekends to lure players into spandex. Mythic's MMORPG Warhammer Online kicked off an 'unlimited' trial of its own last month.

Cryptic's boldy-going MMO Star Trek Online launches on February 2, with an open beta commencing mid-January and pre-order "early start" access from January 29.

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  • A game company with many great ideas and unfrotnalty several GAME destroying ideas. Champions Online was fun in beta, fun enouhg I preordered so I could get my "headstart" days. 3 days before the game launched to the general public us "headstart" people could play the game and level past the starter areas. It was a blast, most fun I have had in ages in a online game. Then the game was shut down for a few hours and the launch day came. Login into the game MANY powersets had been NERFed to total uselessness (think doing 100dmg a shot to 25dmg a shot, overkill on the nerf bat). I understand balance, and I do agree the game had many OP powersets, many needed some work. But a HEADSTART generaly means a game that is basicly finished and ready to go. HOW could they basicly change the game 100%? The game went from playing a super hero who could fight 3-4 thugs (like batman, take out the trash) and stand toe to toe with a Villian, to getting your butt handed to you by trash (as in non super powered thugs kicking you areound). From super hero to loser in a few hours. I can understand changing the game in beta, but not after (well ok, even then changes are ok, but not this huge). From what I understand they have since upgraded many powersets back to closer to what they where in the headstart. SORRY, bending me over and letting me take it without my consent has destroyed any good will for this game. they can make me superman so i can play in god mode and I'm not comming back. And from most rumour sites, this game is pretty much done and its only a few months old. To bad mismanagement can ruin such a good thing.