Evening Reading: Synergy

By Shack Staff, Dec 17, 2009 5:00pm PST In what may very well be the first Evening Reading of its kind, tonight's chatty stemmed out of a collaboration between two authors. Can you figure out who did what?

While you're mulling it over, check out today's highlights:

Meanwhile, things were also happening outside the realm of video games. For example, Ron Artest showed Tiger some love. Don't miss the comments.

They're getting ready for this year's NHL Winter Classic. Check out this time-lapse video of the rink being built in Boston's Fenway Park.

Domino's fans stock up or rejoice because on December 27 Domino's changes their pizza recipe.

Look, I knew the new Girl's Next Door weren't getting it done nearly as well but the bad news got a lot worse as Playboy faces collapse after the potential buyer that would have saved them has said no thanks.

Kids definitely do the darndest things. In Chattanooga that proved true when a four year-old boy stole Christmas presents from neighbors and was found by police at 1:45am on the streets drinking a beer and wearing a girl's dress.

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  • Asynchronous Gaming question?

    My friends generally have a board game night every Tuesday where we play simple games like Carcassone to complicated games like Agricola or Akrham Horror. The problem is our lives are all fairly busy and not everyone can make each Tuesday. Most of them don't really has a gaming capable computer or console. So I'm looking for something we can play through a browser and asynchronously in turns, when we have time.

    My absolute ideal game would have the following characteristics (knowing full well that there is probably not a game that meets most all of these criteria):

    - Emphasis on building cities, resource collecting, or civilization development is preferred.
    - A game where we can just play amongst ourselves rather than 1 in 1000's of other players.
    - Something a bit more involved than doing 10 things and then you have to wait til next day to do anything more
    - IPhone friendly (for those of us who have an iPhone) would be a plus but not a must.
    - Not an eyesore (straight up text)
    - Ability to communicate to each other in the game.
    - If it is turn-based (versus timer based), email to user when their turn is up.

    Things I have looked at are games like 1100 AD, Ikariam, and Evony. The hard part of these is the massive multiplayer aspect of these games make it hard to feel like we're playing together. I really can't wait to see what Sid Meier does with the Civilization Facebook game... but until that is out, I'm looking for something interesting to play.

    Any ideas?

  • Motherfuckin Untangle

    Made me download the iso file 3 times and burn 5 times in different speeds.. Always getting an error during install.

    In the end, it was their own file that was mangled..

    Getting it from the Sourceforge mirror fixed it..

    And according to the forums this is common.. I dont get it.. why would you serve the wrong file and then inform the users on the forums, that its better to get the file from Sourceforge ?

    So a word of caution to y'all.
    If downloading the new Untangle 7 (supposed to be great), get it from Sourceforge.