Alpha Protocol Officially Delayed to 2010

By Chris Faylor, Oct 06, 2009 11:40am PDT While an Alpha Protocol delay has been rumored for some time, it took publisher Sega until today--October 6, the day that Obsidisan's espionage role-playing game was supposed to be on store shelves--to confirm that the title is now due in 2010.

Official word on the delay emerged via the game's official site, which lists the PC and Xbox 360 editions for release on May 6 and the PlayStation 3 version for "Spring." Amusingly, Joystiq notes that the site was briefly listing all three as "out now."

Update: The game's official site has once again been revised, with all three versions--PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360--now listed for "Spring, 2010."

This marks the second major delay for the game, originally due in February 2009.

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  • Glad if this mean obsidian gets more time to actually finish a game for once... lets see if they can produce something that's polished and technically proficient (kotor2 and nwn2 are great, but like troika before them, polish and technical proficiency were lacking)

    I do think it's very evil of Sega to delay the announcement this long...

    Probably so that they can get as many preorders as possible before then... not sure if they get any money from the retail stores, but I think they get a lot of the cash from each Steam preorder... hopefully valve will put through the cancellations of those reasonably quickly.